Jesse Newland


Firebug 1.0 Beta Screencast

Just a couple days ago Firebug 1.0 Beta was released, with loads and loads of new features. Roger Johansson calls it the web developer tool of the year:

With the recent release of Firebug 1.0 (beta – the old kind of beta, not a Web 2.0 eternal beta), this extension went from “great” to absolutely marvelous. A must have that no Web developer should do without. I’m serious – you need Firebug.

I absolutely agree. In the short time since it’s been released, I’ve used it to track down an obscure bug with Rails AJAX auto-completion helpers, debug the CSS on this blog, and inspect the AJAX behavior of Campfire to add new features to Marshmallow, the unofficial ruby Campfire API (look for a gem release soon!).

So, this morning, I did a short screencast demoing some of my favorite features of Firebug – some new in 1.0 Beta, and some there since the beginning. Here it is:

This is my first screencast, so go easy on me. :) Hope you enjoy!

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